Jamaican Jerk Chicken

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Jamaican Jerk Chicken

To make Jamaican Jerk, it requires a two phase cooking process. The first is searing the meat over direct heat, and the second is smoking over indirect heat. I prepare both chicken & pork using this recipe. I like to use my Weber Kettle, charcoal, and wood chips. For the wood chips I use a broth can that I partially open the lid and then poke holes in it. Add the wood chips, close the lid and throw on top of the charcoal.

Jamaican Jerk Chicken2

1 medium onion. 3 green onions. 1 habanera chiles. 4 garlic cloves. 1 Tbsp. Chinese five spice. 1 Tbsp. allspice. 1 Tbsp. black pepper. 1 tsp. thyme. 1 tsp. nutmeg. 1 tsp. salt. 1/2 cup soy sauce. 1 Tbsp. oil. 4 lbs. thighs & breasts. Process all ingredients except the chicken in a food processor. Pour into a plastic bag and add the chicken. Marinate over night. Sear over medium coals until a nice dark bark is achieved. Move chicken to indirect heat. Put a can of wood chips directly on the coals. Close lid to grill and smoke for 1 hour.