Texas Style Barbecue

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Tending the "pit" at my annual Texas BBQ, Fisher River, Montana
Tending the “pit” at my annual Texas BBQ, Fisher River, Montana

I have been serving up Texas BBQ for 35 plus years. Brisket is “King” of course in Texas, but ribs, chicken, pulled pork & sausage can also be found at most places. I love it all! I fix it all! I decided to start this blog so that I could see the transformation of my BBQ skills over time. In preparation to start this blog, I made four trips to Texas in 2012 just to hit as many “Que” joints as I could. This was to remind myself why I fell in love with Texas BBQ 35 years ago. Talked to a lot of pitmasters and just plain old folks who live for the “Que”. Everyone has their own style and their own rub, own mop, own injection, own type wood, own temp, own time, and in the end, their own “fans”! My family and friends are my target audience & guinea pigs like most home BBQ’ers. By starting this blog I figured I’d get a little more unbiased opinions from other BBQ aficionados. I’d like to hear from you as I am always looking for new recipes and techniques.

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