About Me

BBQ 2009 004

I am retired and live with my wife Carolyn, and our best dog friend Carlie, in Northwest Montana. After retiring as a Healthcare Administrator, I attended Clark College in Vancouver, Washington and completed their Culinary Arts program. I’ve loved cooking all my life and prepare a variety of cuisines. From Sushi to Churassco, Tacos pescados to Brie en croute, I like eclectic menus. My specialty however is good ole Texas BBQ. I’ve had a Texas built BBQ pit for 28 years. In addition to that I have a commercial Cookshack smoker, a Bradley smoker, and a Traeger pellet smoker. A “pitmaster” has to have many smokers, at least that’s what I tell my wife. With this blog I hope to share with you some of the many recipes, rubs, mops, and sauces I have developed over the years and hope you will share some with me.

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