Tomahawk Ribeye Reverse Seared Steak

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78ECBEA4-BF61-4A6E-9C8A-7D96F930109BTomahawk ribeyes are a big deal in Texas. We spend 5 months during the winter sport fishing the Gulf of Mexico for Red & Black Drum, Speckled Trout & Red Snapper. Since seafood is a staple in our diet, it’s nice to splurge on a huge hunk of beef from time to time. These babies have a 2 1/2 to 3 lb hunk of Ribeye on the end of a 12 to 14 inch rib bone. The cost is around $17 a pound for prime & $13 for choice. HEB supermarket usually has a sale on choice tomahawks over the winter for $7 a pound and that’s when we pick up our year supply.


These are choice tomahawks


Season with salt & fresh cracked pepper


Put a temperature probe in the center & place in a 200 degree smoker.


For medium rare pull from smoker @ 128 degrees. Sear in Smoking hot cast iron pan for 2 minutes a side. Foil and let rest 10 minutes before carving.

Directions: 4 hours before cooking your tomahawk Ribeye, remove from the refrigerator and salt all 4 sides with kosher salt. (This is dry brining and creates a moist and more tender piece of meat). Place on a rack and put back in the refrigerator. After a minimum of four hours remove and add coarse ground black pepper. Place in a 200 degree smoker until internal temp reaches 128 degrees. Sear in Smoking hot cast iron skillet 2 minutes a side. Tent with foil 10 minutes before carving.



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